Interval Buddy - easy HIIT timer app

Exercise efficiently with Interval Buddy, the easy-to-use HIIT timer app.

Let our app help you with your high intensity interval training - a popular method of high-impact cardio fitness training that reduces time spent in the gym and makes cardio training less of a bore.

HIIT works with almost any type of exercise, but is commonly practiced with running, cycling and other aerobic exercises.

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  • Set up your own exercise routines, with different numbers of repetitions and durations
  • Choose a unique colour for each routine to allow quick recognition
  • Display guidance with optional sound and vibration cues to let you know when to start and stop exercising
  • Add a new routine, change or delete any existing routines

Easy to use

Based on your own needs and fitness levels, you can define how long you wish to exercise and rest, as well as the number of sets you wish to perform. Interval Buddy will then guide you through your routine keeping track of time for you and letting you know when it's time to rest using optional audio cues and vibrations.

Our colourful, simple interface will help you get started quickly. You will be able to choose a display colour for each of your routines, which will allow you to find your desired exercise and begin training in a few seconds.

How to get started

The app is easy to adjust to any form of exercise you may be used to, however here are some tips on getting started:

  • When you first open the app, open the pre-set "Example" exercise. You can adjust and/or rename this pre-set exercise before starting your routine
  • As you exercise, look out for signs indicating when to stop and start - screen color changes, beeping sounds and vibrations. If you would prefer no sounds/vibrations you can simply turn them off via buttons on the screen.
  • If you have more than one routine, you can always add a new one by tapping the plus sign on the home page.

Interval Buddy is suited for any timed exercise such as solid state cardio, LISS and weightlifting, but designed more specifically for high intensity interval training, tabata or circuit training.