(3) Three simple HIIT routines

Published on February 26, 2020

In the last update (1.0.3) of HIIT Interval Buddy we’ve added three new preset routines for you to use, tailored to beginners, intermediates and hardcore HIIT users. Today we’ll walk you through these presets.

The easy routine (you can do this one in 16 minutes)

This is the routine we recommend for people who are just starting out with interval training. You don’t have to be particularly fit to get going with this one, as the rest periods are quite generous.

After warming up, we start with 30 seconds of high intensity exercise. Our objective is to get your heart pumping the best it can.

After completing your 30 seconds of exercise, take a 90 second rest to recover.

Complete this exercise-rest cycle 8 times before doing your cooldown.

The medium routine (you can also do this one in 16 minutes)

The medium routine differs slightly from the easy routine in that it balances the amount of time you spend exercising and resting, and makes it slightly more challenging.

The exercise and rest intervals of the routine are both 1 minute, so you’ll be doing twice as much work compared to the easy routine and resting 30 seconds less. It is a reasonable progression that is suitable for people with moderate fitness. Again, the total amount of rounds will be 8, bringing the total exercise time (excluding the warmup/cooldown) to 16 minutes.

The hard routine (12 minutes of exercise + warmup/cooldown)

The hard routine is where we start making a dent in the time spent exercising and really raise the bar. This one is designed to really make you sweat.

We retain the 5-minute warmup, keep the exercise interval at 1 minute, but change the resting period to as little as 30 seconds. This will make sure you get your heart pounding for the full 8 rounds you will be doing!

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